"Electro Model" - V Magazine Spain

This editorial from Spanish V Magazine contains polished and highly accessorized looks given a dose of psychedelic-rave with fluorescent paint strokes and coloring. Styled by Tom van Dorpe, classic peplums, tailored coats, and fuzzy sweaters mix with blinged out bangles, broaches, and other costume jewelry-esque glitz.


St. Tropez Style

I recently did a post for the Get Stylin' blog centered around St. Tropez's French-boheme resort style. The easy-going glamour is perfect in the summer heat while remaining classic and put-together. See the entire post, including some St. Tropez street style snaps, here.


I Think I Love You

I really want this sweater from the Creatures of the Wind for J.Crew collab. Even with how simple they are, I could never get sick of striped tops - but the colors and shapes on this one makes it even better. It feels a little '70s-retro, and it could be worn with denim shorts during the summer or with a coat and long-sleeved tee underneath in the colder months. And, as styled in the above shot, it completely brightens up a conservative button-up.


Get Stylin'

I'm contributing and blogging for an up-and-coming fashion website called Get Stylin'!  It's a great place to post your outfits and style ideas and get feedback and inspiration from others in the GS community. You can also stay up-to-date with fashion news and trends on the GS blog, Twitter page, and Facebook page!


Heohwan Simulation Fall '12

Designer Hwan Heo of London-based label Heohwan Simulation is a master of simple yet striking designs. It's the decision to use a captivating liquid-silk-like fabric on tailored pants, cut an unexpected rounded edge on an otherwise straight hem, or perfectly place an ambiguous stick pattern on a dress that make the looks of the designer's Fall '12 collection memorable. In case you missed the Spring '12 collection (and if so, click here to see it), zippered hot pants and geometric embellishments have hardly ever looked so good.


I Think I Love You

I'm loving this beaded bikini by Mara Hoffman. The bustier top provides a little more coverage and support than a string bikini, and the conservative navy is contrasted by bright and festive beading. Though there's nothing wrong with the traditional solid suit or tropical print at the beach, this bikini will surely stand out.


Liz Black Fall '12

London-based Liz Black titled her Fall '12 collection "Superheroine Chic," and the simple but strong shapes do call to mind what a fashionable female might wear when fighting the bad guys. It's clear in looking at Black's previous collections that she has a penchant for modern geometric cuts, but this collection as a whole is her best and least fashion school show of them all. The panels and colorblocking become the trademark of the superheroine, perhaps replacing her monogram and cape, and the leather details are anything but dainty. The artsy paint prints are a fantastic touch, adding a little fluidity to the otherwise straight-forward and straight-cut looks. See more here.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort '13

I'm pretty sure I'll still yearn for Marc Jacobs' cool, youthful Marc by Marc designs when I'm 83. The Resort '13 collection reads a little grungy, a little sixties, a little bohemian, and very much the-girl-who-hangs-with-boys-at-skate-parks. That's sort of how I'd describe Portland, Oregon, which Marc used as inspiration for the resort clothes (which I totally respect, as Portland will always have a special place in my heart after I nearly moved there following high school). See the whole collection here. 


Metric's New Album: "Synthetica"

Metric has been one of my most beloved bands since middle school. Yep, li'l 12-year-old Brie was obsessed with Metric for their electro-rock blend that had the same infectiousness as a radio hit. From their "Succexy" dance roots, to infusing more guitar, to epic anthems on Fantasies, the Canadian foursome is releasing a new album called Synthetica on June 12. Emily Haines & Co. bring back their sometimes sweet, usually danceable, and always ass-kicking style with tracks like "Speed the Collapse," "Breathing Underwater," and "Lost Kitten." But don't just take my word for it: stream the whole thing right here.


I Think I Love You

I don't think it's possible to wear this Presley Skye wrap dress (find it at Nordstrom) and not be happy. The sweet silhouette and polka dots are a little retro, but the bright ombre pastels are a refreshing twist. This easy-breezy silk number is perfect for spring and summer weather, and could go daytime office with basic flats and a sturdy bag or boardwalk-ready with espadrilles and sunglasses.


10 Crosby Derek Lam Resort '13

Who doesn't want to be the effortlessly put-together girl? 10 Crosby, Derek Lam's very cool diffusion line, is just what that girl needs. Grungy plaids, pencil skirts, tuxedo pants, and silky night-on-the-town dresses go beyond typical resort wear. Between colorful prints and flawless cuts, Derek Lam always seems to make even the most simple pieces modern and bold.
And, yes, effortlessly put-together.
See more looks here.