I Can't Stop Listening to Quadron.

And now it's your turn to be completely obsessed. Quadron is a Danish duo making music that's one part electronic and one part soul. Occasionally, they sound like Little Dragon, but overall their musical fingerprint is entirely unique. My favorites are "Slippin" and "Average Fruit" (and "Tone," not listed above, will make you stop dead in your tracks too, with its slow build-up and sparse clicks and snaps).


Joe Fresh Fall 2012

Canadian cheap-chic retailer Joe Fresh is opening its doors in New York City on Friday, alongside the H&Ms, Zaras, and designer flagships that make up 5th Avenue. Joe Fresh has a style that's classic enough for the everyday girl (or woman) (or tourist - we are talking 5th Avenue), but with design qualities interesting enough to appeal to the fashion-obsessed. The Fall 2012 collection appears to be no exception, with many solid separates that would be easy to incorporate into any wardrobe, yet there are minis, wide boatnecks, and boxy shifts reminiscent of the sixties. The outerwear and printed pants are my personal favorites, and I suspect they'll fly off the racks in the coming months.


"Neon Deluxe" - Dazed & Confused Korea

This editorial from the March issue of Korean Dazed & Confused shows off hyper-pigmented makeup alongside retro pieces from designers like Prada and Louis Vuitton.  Each look is a little undone, and I love the composition of the shots, with strong shapes created by pool toys, big sunglasses, and bunny masks.


"The Don" by Nas

Nas the don IFWT by djrellyrell

So good! My only complaint is the beautiful jazz bit at the 2:30 mark is so short - I could listen to that for hours.


Underground Sounds

All right, all right, so it's another New York City post - I can't help myself. The Big Apple wouldn't be the same without its subway system, with tracks stretching from neighborhood to neighborhood, borough to borough, under the noisy city streets. However, what's above ground isn't all that's noisy, which is shown in this video, documenting the screeching trains, chatter, and musicians that make up the underground.


Paper New York

Lately, I've been missing the busy streets and beautiful buildings that make up New York City. While this paper version won't exactly solve my craving to be in the city that never sleeps, it's still pretty cute. The 1/100 scale model is by Japanese paper artist Terada Mokei, who also has baby versions of Tokyo, trains, and a zoo, among others.


I Think I Love You

I'm generally very open-minded when it comes to clothes, but one thing I've never liked much is paisley. I can't help but associate it with a cheap hippie Halloween costume. However, H&M applied the design to this cute bubblegum-colored frock, and I'm smitten. It looks perfect for the warm weather months ahead, and on cool days this could be paired with a chunky knit cardigan and some booties.


Prada Fantasy Lookbook - Spring '12

Fashionologie / All Pictures Below Fashionising

Prada's Spring 2012 lookbook is full of fifties and sixties imagery all collaged together, making it one of the most exciting lookbooks to, well, look at in a long time. Featuring a slew of top models alongside newspaper clippings, rocketships, and roadways, you could worry that the clothes would get lost in the mix - yet somehow it all works together in a way that I actually noticed details of this Prada collection I hadn't before. Click here to view more.


"Eternal Optimism" - Vogue US

The March issue of Vogue had several editorials I was blown away by, including this one. The first thing that really caught my attention was the mixed media feel, with models posing against illustrated and painted backdrops - it kind of conjures a stage performance look, doesn't it? The very on-trend feminine sixties-inspired clothes also make it feel a little like dressing as a character, because in today's world, clothes like these seem like a nod to a simpler time.