Fashion to Look Forward to in 2012

You know how it goes: you get past the December holidays, watch the ball drop/drink a lot/whatever it is that you do on New Year's Eve, then suddenly it's a new year and the only difference is that you have to remind yourself it's a different year when you write the date.
I, on the other hand, am taking a more optimistic approach. I know, I know, the world is going to end and stuff. Whatever. I'm just anticipating fashion week (er, month) in February, okay? If you're like me, you may also be interested in some of these other fashion-related events to come in the next twelve months:

Saccharine Looks
The Spring 2012 runways saw pastels, peplums, girly satin, and feminine prints. Whether sixties psychedelic-tinged or twenties-esque, 2012 will surely bring more of these sweet looks.

H&M for its Upcoming Marni Collab & Online US Shop
In March, H&M and Marni will debut their collaboration in 260 H&M stores worldwide, and in true Marni fashion, the line is sure to be full of poppy colors and quirky prints.
After you've made it through the Marni excitement, you'll have to wait a little longer for the opening of H&M's US online shop, coming this fall.

Target's Collab with Jason Wu
What can I say - I'm into the collaborations, and with Jason Wu becoming a household name these days, this is one to watch. The collection is expected to hit Target stores next month.


The Move to a "Curated" Wardrobe
Even if you are snatching up everything in sight when H&M's clothes hit the web, it looks like the fast fashion movement may be slowing down. With more emphasis on being selective, saving money, and saving the planet, putting more thought into each clothing purchase is becoming the norm.
Read more at Fashionising.com.

The New Dior
Now that we're past the Galliano controversy, I'm left wondering what Dior will look like in 2012. Will Marc Jacobs make his move to the design house? Raf Simons? John Galliano - again?

Now that we have our introduction to the new year, here's an intro to Tweed & Vulture: my name is Brie, and I'm a fashion student from the US. My style is a sort of punky yet bohemian version of Audrey Hepburn, I believe Australia's fashion scene is underrated, and I insist that I only put sweaters on my chihuahua because he's actually cold.
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