Paris Fashion Week Highlight: Chanel

Fashion week month is coming to a close, and what better way to say goodbye than to feature the Chanel show, right? This time, I thought I'd share my (sometimes mindless) thoughts on the show. To follow some of my notes, head over to Style.com to see the full collection.

1. I love those asymmetrical shoes, and the crystal brows.
2. The silver purse with the little bubble dots reminds me of something I saw in a vintage boutique, but more badass.
3. I don't know why, but I love boxy flap pockets.
4. Oh, oh, I love that blue!
5. Now teal? I like that too.
6. I wish I still had that one blue
tweed jacket from 7th grade. Sigh.
7. Look 20 feels very youthful - like five year old youthful. And I don't mind it at all.
8. Oh my god, look 21 - the geometry on those pants! The abstract sweater! The blue cardigan - oh wait, it's glittered?! OH, and the crystal cuffs... it's just all so good!
9. Look 25 WTF! THOSE SLEEVES! They're sculpted into this modern, cubist shape.
10. Look 27: the dress is gorgeous. The red pants underneath? Perfection.
11. Is this the return of brooches? I welcome it.
12. The yellow, green, and pink jewels on look 31 look like candy. Yum.
13. Drawstring pants never look this luxurious.
14. This strong cap sleeve feels so futuristic.
15. Aw, it's toddler Hudson Kroenig.
16. That pleating is amazing!
17. Look 60: netting that is edgy but still ladylike.
18. The texture on look 67 is so interesting, and Karl has a way of taking every detail into consideration - all the way down to the buttoned cuffs on the pants. Is that heel Lucite?